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Antenna Consulting

SiberSci, LLC provides Antenna Consulting resources for a wide range of topics.  SiberSci, LLC provides services for the theoretical analysis, design, development, fabrication, testing, validation, and optimization of RF, Microwave, Millimeter-Wave, or Terahertz (THz) Antennas including:

  1. Parabolic reflectors,
  2. Corner reflectors,
  3. Frequency specific standard gain horns,
  4. Corrugated horns,
  5. Dielectric lens,
  6. Lunenburg lens,
  7. Rotman Lens,
  8. Cassegrain,
  9. Inverse Cassegrain,
  10. spiral,
  11. patch,
  12. RFID Near-Field,
  13. RFID Far-Field, and
  14. application specific antennas.

Our experience allows SiberSci to review both your performance specifications and size constraints for the antenna subsystem, from which SiberSci can provide services for the theoretical design, prototyping, fabrication, optimization, and manufacturing for one or more hardware configurations to satisfy the requirements.  SiberSci can also review proprietary performance specifications, size constraints, and proposed hardware configurations to determine if these concepts are suitable for the intended application, or determine if the design concept must be modified to satisfy the stated requirements.  Performance and physical limitations for each design concept will be documented during the review process, and modifications to the design concept will be documented to illustrate how the design concept must be adapted to satisfy the performance and size limitations.  If some portion of the performance or size specification is found to be physically impossible to achieve, then these problem areas will be revealed along with recommendations to circumvent these barriers to achieving the requisite performance.

Next, it is important for each client to realize that the accuracy of CEM (Computational ElectroMagnetic) simulations are dependent upon the frequency and temperature dependent material properties (conductivity, permittivity, permeability,…) of the metals and dielectrics used for fabricating antenna circuits, so these material properties must typically be measured so they can be included in the CEM simulations.  Laboratory and contract resources are available to determine these material properties, which are essential for providing accurate CEM simulations of antenna circuits and associated subsystems.  SiberSci can provide each client with the capability to only use valid material properties for their CEM simulations.

In conclusion, please submit your inquiry for an Antenna Consulting project to Dr. Scott Best, and specifically state if a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is required to protect your business sensitive information, Intellectual Property (IP), or Proprietary Data (PD).   SiberSci will provide a NDA for review, negotiation, and amendment by the client to safeguard and protect their IP and PD.  SiberSci will also provide a budgetary quotation and schedule for performing the client defined Antenna Consulting effort after reviewing the performance and size requirements.  Work on the Antenna Consulting project will commence when a contract has been negotiated and legally executed by SiberSci and the client.