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Welcome to the Homepage for SiberSci, LLC, which provides clients with short-term and long-term Electromagnetic Engineering Research, Design, Development, and Manufacturing Contract and Consulting Services that are customized to satisfy their individual technical requirements in the following areas of expertise:

  1. Antenna Consulting – https://sibersci.com/antenna-consulting/
  2. Microwave Consulting – https://sibersci.com/microwave-consulting/
  3. Microwave Heating Consulting – https://sibersci.com/microwave-heating-consulting/
  4. Millimeter-Wave Consulting – https://sibersci.com/millimeter-wave-consulting/
  5. RF Consulting – https://sibersci.com/rf-consulting/
  6. RF Heating Consulting – https://sibersci.com/rf-heating-consulting/
  7. Terahertz Consulting – https://sibersci.com/terahertz-consulting/
  8. Vacuum Electronics Consulting – https://sibersci.com/vacuum-electronics-consulting/

Contact SiberSci, LLC today to discuss your project, and to obtain a quote for the services required.  We are looking forward to working with you on your project, and solving your problem(s) in one of our eight areas of engineering expertise.